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Why Your Private Law Practice Needs A Legal Billing System

It doesn’t matter what kind of law firm you run, the way that people pay for things is, and has been, changing. And with the way that people pay for things changing, the way that they expect to be able to pay for them is changing as well. If you’re not working with payment solutions that work for your clients, you’re hurting your own ability to make money for your firm.

However, there’s more to a payment solution than convenience. You also have to consider fees, rates, customer service, and other details to know whether or not any given service is a good choice for you.

In today’s blog from the legal payment systems pros at Monify, we’ll look at the ways that LegalPay — our legal billing system software — can help your legal practice with payment solutions and much more.

Continue reading to learn more about LegalPay, or contact us online to get your questions answered by a member of our team today.

Secure, Compliant Transactions

People want to be able to pay electronically, so making sure that you can securely take debit and credit cards is a must. However, security standards for payment processing systems have changed, and you need a provider who can ensure your clients’ privacy.

LegalPay offers card data encryption and tokenization, PCI, ABA, AND IOLTA compliant operations, and data protection for your clients and their information. So you can be confident that your transactions are secure.

Best of all, LegalPay makes online billing, notifications, and easy-pay solutions for your legal clients easy with invoicing and payment links that take them directly to get current on their account.

Accurate, Detailed Reporting

LegalPay also provides the advanced reporting and analytics that attorneys have come to expect from their legal billing software. After all, a payment platform is important, but not if it doesn’t help you keep track of what is taking palace financially with your law firm.

With everything housed in one convenient to access dashboard, you can view 20 different reports, including batch summaries, payment histories, transaction details, and online statements all in one place. LegalPay provides you with the knowledge you need to make important decisions about your firm and your clients.

Custom Options To Meet Your Needs

Promoting the branding of your law office and demonstrating that you have everything your clients need helps to build trust, and there are few professions where trust is more important than in practicing law. That’s why LegalPay provides you with an online payment platform that you can host and brand with your law firms’ logo and themes.

However, you can also make use of a virtual terminal on our website, or make use of the incredibly handy LegalPay app. It’s all designed to give you the ultimate in payment processing convenience and security — right at the literal tips of your fingers.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Finally, LegalPay by Monify is easy to get set up with, and if you have ever gotten started with a different legal billing system, then you know how important a smooth transition into new POS systems is.

Our customer support team is here to provide you with assistance 24 hours a day, seven days per week, every single day of the year. But, that’s only after we schedule one-on-one training for your new payment solution and legal billing system, so many of your questions and potential can be addressed in advance of becoming a problem.

Save Money

Did we mention that using LegalPay might save you as much as 40% on your current fees and charges for your legal billing software and secure payment solution? That’s the kind of savings that we find people rarely object to.

Get A Free Demo Of LegalPay From Monify Today

If you’d like to take a tour of the system and get your questions answered about LegalPay, there’s an easy, no-obligation way to do so. Simply schedule a free demo with us today, and we will have a member of the team reach out to walk you through everything.

With LegalPay, you get the security, convenience, and support that you need to provide your customers with the modern payment and legal billing options that make it easy for your clients to work with you.