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How A POS System Can Grow Your Restaurant Business

The right restaurant payment processing system can take your business to the next level. And when you partner with Monify, you can take full advantage of payment card processing, including improved cash flow, better customer service, and higher employee productivity — which all adds up to a restaurant that runs more smoothly and effectively!

Point-of-sale systems are an integral part of a modern restaurant’s operations and credit card processing. POS systems go beyond being a simply a payment processor, and, depending on how you customize them, can be a full, end-to-end restaurant management tool. Learn more about our restaurant services payment solutions.

We offer a variety of POS services — including Clover Point of Sale Products — and our business service providers are here to help you find the POS solution that fits your needs. Contact us today to get started and continue reading to learn more about how a POS system can help you grow your restaurant business.

What is a Restaurant POS System?

A good restaurant POS is essential for restaurant owners who want to deliver the best-possible customer service and restaurant services. Traditionally, a restaurant POS system is simply how a customer makes a payment in exchange for the services provided. They can come in many different models and with a variety of POS hardware, software, and accessories.

A great POS system will not only process the transaction, it also helps streamline business operations and allows restaurant owners to keep accurate records and maintain financial control of their business. 

Reduce Long Wait Times

Perhaps the most important benefit of transitioning to a point-of-sale system is reducing customer wait times. Reducing wait times has a ripple effect that improves all aspects of your restaurant business, from allowing more customers to move through your business to improving customer service and increasing efficiency. As a restaurant owner you know that your guests have high expectations for the services you provide, and if those expectations aren’t met, they’re going to turn to your competition. 

Reducing wait times by utilizing efficient POS systems allows you to deliver the experience that keeps them coming back. A great way to make your credit card processing system even faster is to utilize tablets and mobile payment options like Clover Flex. If your restaurant services include counter service, a full Clover Station Point-of-Sale system can help your employees input orders more quickly and process credit card transactions. 


A restaurant POS system allows you to track every single transaction, which means you have access to in depth data and reporting. Plus, the hardware will present that data in a way that’s easy to understand and can help you make better decisions on a daily basis. Track when your restaurant is the busiest and track the most popular orders. Doing so can translate into better scheduling practices, food prep, and ordering. 

Having access to accurate, real-time reporting allows you to keep costs down. You can also easily change menu items within the program based on these reports, giving you the ability to seamlessly shift your strategy or offer promotional deals. 

Loyalty Programs

A POS system allows you to offer restaurant services like loyalty programs and seamlessly integrate these programs into customer transactions. You have everything you need to run your own digital customer loyalty and marketing program, so you can engage with your customers and keep them coming back with great deals and specials. Loyalty programs help you maximize your revenue and generate repeat business, all vital parts of growing your business and an important restaurant service! 


One of the great benefits of a POS system like Clover is that you can utilize mobile payment processing. Here at Monify, you can purchase a Clover Flex or a Clover Go, both of which allow your servers, bar tenders, or baristas to accept payment at the table or bar instead of needing to go to the back of the house to process a credit card. The server can show the customer their bill, swipe the card, accept a tip, and have the customer sign for the payment all in a single interaction. This allows for much faster payment processing and allows you to turn tables faster and provide higher-quality customer service. Learn more about your point of sale options. 

Monify Restaurant Services

When you partner with our full-service business provider for your POS system needs, you get the total package. Whether you need a merchant account or virtual terminal, we can help you find the business solution that fits your unique needs. Plus, we’ll work with you to help your restaurant stay competitive and profitable. Browse our point-of-sale systems and get a quote today

Not only do we offer POS services, we also have cash management safes, payment software, and legal services payment technology. Learn more about your payment processing options and see what Monify can do for you!