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LegalPay with Monify offers payment technology for law firms. Our program seamlessly separates earned and unearned fees, protects your IOLTA account, and makes it easier for your clients to pay their legal fees on time. LegalPay maintains the highest PCI data security standards, helping your firm perform at a more efficient level. If you’re looking for a payment system tailored to your business needs, contact Monify today.



  • Receive funding in as fast as 12 hours.
  • Secure ABA and IOLTA compliant payment system
  • Automatically split funds into operating and trust accounts
  • Access on-site training with your law firm’s staff
  • Access to 24/7 customer support from our U.S.-based payment technology experts
  • Process multiple payment methods through a single payment system
  • Accept payments through your website
  • Reduced processing fees by 10–40% or more
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Customized To Fit Your Needs

You firm, attorneys, and clients are unique! And here at Monify, we think you should have access to payment technology that is tailored to fit your needs. With LegalPay, your law firm can host and brand your payment system, giving your clients a sense of security while building your law firm’s credibility online. 

Giving your client a clear, branded, customized payment platform increases their satisfaction with the payment process and increases the likelihood that they will pay their bills on time. You can also customize your dashboard on the back end as well as view data in a clear, concise manner through the LegalPay Virtual Terminal.

Receiving Payment

  • Hosted Payment Page. Add a payment page to your website.
  • Virtual Terminal. Receive and input payments through your account on LegalPay’s website.
  • Recurring Payments. Set up an automatic draft schedule with your client.
  • Payment Link. Attach a link to your invoices for clients to pay you quickly and from any device.


Accept payment anywhere: in your office, through your website, and even through a mobile app! Let Monify’s law firm specific payment system take care of payment processing so that you can spend your time and energy on your law firm’s clients. 

A streamlined payment system is vital to running a business. If you are running your own firm, you have probably experienced headaches caused by late payments, lost payments, and miscommunication surrounding payment processing. LegalPay with Monify will simplifies the payment processing part of law firm management. 

LegalPay offers a faster, more convenient invoicing system for your firm and clients. Simply post your invoices and let LegalPay’s invoice manager take care of the rest.

  • Compatibility. Share invoice data from nearly any system with an API or uploaded file.
  • Safety. PCI compliance built into LegalPay’s gateway.
  • Customization. Use your logo and edit content for easy branding.
  • Registration. Easily enroll customers into Invoice Manager.
  • Save Clients’ Payment Methods. Clients can control their payment information, too.

Security and Compliance

Any time you are handling client data such as credit card or bank information, security needs to be your top priority. The majority of people are now paying bills online, whether it’s a direct transfer from a checking or savings account or a credit card payment. Every time your clients make an online payment, they are trusting you to securely process their payment. When you partner with Monify, you and your clients can trust that the online billing system will be safe and secure. 

LegalPay Security is a data security solution with layers of encryption. What that means for you is a comprehensive, easy, reliable, and cost-effective way to help protect your clients’ data against fraud or a potential data breach. With our integrated payment system, payments are entered into our LegalPay payment technology and processed securely using a cloud-based payment gateway. When you use our payment system, you secure payment card data by removing it from your environment, then access it when you need it.

With LegalPay Security, you’ll process payments securely and stay Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

LegalPay Security includes:

  • Card data encryption and tokenization
  • Easy PCI compliance
  • Expert support
  • Data protection

Stay Compliant and Up to Date

  • ABA and IOLTA Compliant. No debits allowed from your trust account.
  • PCI Compliant. Let us safely store your clients’ payment information.
  • Online Dashboard and Reporting Tools
  • Daily Reports. There are 20 to choose from!

Advanced Reporting

Along with allowing for the secure transfer of funds between your client and your law firm, LegalPay also comes with advanced reporting and analytics to allow you to keep your books in order. You can easily access payment history in a central place. All of your data and reports are consolidated and easily accessible. Monify makes law firm management easy.

With LegalPay’s advanced reporting tool, you can view your batched transaction, online statements, chargebacks and retrieval data all in one safe and secure online environment. Your entire merchant business is just a click away. Learn more about LegalPay payment solution today.

Reporting Features

  • Deposit summary and detail
  • 18 months of payment history
  • Batch summary
  • Transaction detail
  • Chargeback and retrieval disposition
  • Online statements
  • Near real-time authorization data
  • Reporting and customer service

Customer Support

When you are rolling out a new payment technology to your law firm management team, there are bound to be challenges. Here at Monify, we make the process as smooth as possible with one-on-training with members of your law firm’s team to ensure that everyone has the information they need to be successful. As business service providers, we believe that every step in the process should be as clear and easy as possible, from implementation to questions that crop up years into the use.

That’s why, along with one-on-one training, we also offer customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure that any service interruptions that do occur are quickly identified and resolved. When you choose LegalPay, not only do you gain access to a high-quality payment system, you also gain the full support of the U.S.-based Monify team.

Here at Monify, we believe that payment solutions should be more than digital platform. LegalPay is first and foremost a best-in-class payment system, but the team behind the product is what keeps customers year after year. If your law firm is looking for online payment processing services, look no further than LegalPay with Monify.

Additional Features Included With A LegalPay Account

Along with the comprehensive features that we’ve detailed above, LegalPay with Monify comes with even more features that will make your online payment processing that much more effective. As business service providers, we work to tailor our payment solutions to the particular industry it serves. Unlike other payment systems, LegalPay is designed specifically to be used in law firm management. Continue reading to learn more about the additional features that make LegalPay your best choice in payment technology.

Commercial Card Interchange Service

*Only Available with Cost Plus Pricing

On average, 10% of gross Visa and MasterCard sales are on commercial cards, which can have a higher interchange rate than standard cards. This average is most likely higher with law firms. Would you like a way to get a discount on payment systems with Monify?

With Cost Plus Pricing, you qualify for our commercial card interchange service where we will automatically collect sales tax information needed for commercial card transactions to qualify for less expensive interchange categories. All of this equals a discount on the interchange for you with zero effort. Contact us today to learn more.

Chargeback Manager

Chargeback Manager is an easier way to manage sales disputes while helping to reduce risk and prevent fraud. Our tool includes links to the most heavily utilized functions, so your law firm minimize effort formerly spent sorting through piles of paper documentation.

Chargeback Manager will provide your law firm with the ability to:

  • Manage and respond to chargebacks and retrievals electronically
  • Easily view information on the original transaction and match that to a dispute
  • Track cases through the chargeback lifecycle
  • Meet compliance timelines
  • Reduce in training time and cost

PCI Compliance Solution

LegalPay’s PCI Compliance solution is an online application designed by PCI security experts specifically for law firms. And it turns PCI DSS jargon into clear language, with expert help to guide you through the Payment Card Industry Security Assessment Questionnaire.

Here’s what you get with the PCI Compliance Solution:

  • Help choosing the right Security Assessment Questionnaire
  • Many pre-populated answers
  • Automatic vulnerability integrated scanning
  • A step-by-step online application
  • 24/7 access
  • Hands-on support via chat, email or phone


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$250,000 Cyber Liability Policy

LegalPay’s Cyber Liability program protects law firms from the cost of an actual or suspected violation of a privacy regulation due to a security breach. The organization will have $250,000 of coverage for the following:

  • Regulatory fines and penalties (including PCI DSS - the standards businesses are required to follow if it accepts payments via credit card)
  • Defense and settlement or judgement
  • Forensic costs to investigate a suspected or actual breach
  • Crisis management
  • Fraud prevention expenses
  • Notification costs
  • Credit monitoring services
  • Call center
  • Public relations
  • Associated legal expenses

$100,000 E-Theft Endorsement Includes: Adds coverage for the theft of money, securities, or other property of value resulting from a breach and transferred to a person, place, or account beyond your control.

Note: All claims must be reported to the insurance carrier within 60 days of first knowledge of the actual or suspected breach; please refer to the actual policy for complete terms, conditions, and exclusions. The policy sublimits the following to $10,000 each: ransomware, telecommunications theft, and social engineering fraud.

24/7 Breach Hotline available as your personal, on-call expert. In the event that you have a breach, the hotline will:

  • Help the firm determine if it has had a breach,
  • Helping the firm contain the breach, and
  • Advise the business on the appropriate next steps to re-mediate the breach.

Our experienced cyber-security professionals will provide actionable information and guidance from the moment a business realizes it's been breached until the moment it's resolved.

Ways to accept payment with legalpay




We facilitate electronic payment processing for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, EBT, debit cards, ACH, e-checks, and gift & loyalty cards. We also specialize in industry-specific payment methods like Fuelman, GASCARD, Voyager, Wright Express and TCH.


Processed funds are available within 24 hours. While other companies may hold onto your funds for up to three days, Monify Merchant Solutions offers the swiftest funding possible.

*Processed funds for petroleum customers are available within 48 hours.


Our online account portal, provides dynamic reporting and rich analytics to help you quickly and easily navigate through your account activity, giving you access to every transaction, refund, retrieval, chargeback and deposit.


Knowledgeable U.S.-based customer support experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure that service interruptions are quickly identified and resolved. One-on-one training is also available to ensure that your staff has the information they need to be successful.


With our background in the wholesale and convenience retailing industries, Monify can quickly determine the right processing solution for your business. Whatever your retail needs, we’ll match you with the equipment needed to exceed the rigors of your operation.

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