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Payment Processing Solutions

icon_57Business to Business

Business to Business payment processing is a critical aspect of your business and as you grow your business, the complexity of the demands the marketplace puts on you also grow. You need to access more transaction and customer information than can be acquired at a traditional point-of-sale and where and how you take orders needs to be more flexible to suite your customer’s needs. And you still need your transactions to be processed reliably and quickly, while keeping costs under control and security tight.

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We understand restaurant owners need to make sure that customers are served quickly and efficiently, while also managing the restaurant’s finances, sales and personnel. We offer an extensive portfolio of innovative products designed to help improve productivity and increase profitability, and leave you to do what you do best, run your restaurant.

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icon_79Mobile Pay

Accept payments wherever you go by turning your mobile phone into a point-of-sale terminal. Wherever your customers are, that’s where you’ll go – which means you need a payment solution that’s as mobile as you are. With the First Data Mobile Pay solutions, you can offer fast, safe and flexible payment processing using your existing smart phone.

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In today’s ever changing marketplace, we offer small and mid-size businesses payment processing solutions and services that enable you to accept nearly every type of payment and give your business the tools it needs to succeed. We offer an extensive portfolio of innovative products designed to help you get more value from every transaction.

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We understand that convenience stores and petroleum retailers have unique needs at the point-of-sale that differentiate them from other retail markets. Speed of service, the ability to accept alternative payment options, minimizing payment processing costs and building customer loyalty are just a few key concerns for business owners in this industry.

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This is the age of universal commerce and we are at the forefront of bringing consumers commerce that is integrated, personalized, secure, open and smart. Our solutions are designed to address the key enablers of universal commerce including smart devices, open, scalable and secure infrastructure, integrated applications, actionable intelligence to drive new levels of personalization and measurement to the payment process. Enable your customers to purchase from you whenever and wherever they are.

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