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Perka Mobile Loyalty Solution

Perka Mobile Loyalty Solution

Perka gives you everything you need to run your own digital loyalty and marketing program. And it works with any point-of-sale terminal or system.


What if you could reach customers anytime, anywhere, with special offers and rewards they’ll love? If your customers have a mobile phone, there is no easier way to market your business than with the PerkaTM solution. Perka connects you directly to your customers via their mobile phones, allowing you to run the same kinds of sophisticated loyalty marketing programs as nationwide chains—at a fraction of the cost.

It’s a cycle of happiness. The Perka program will make you happy with its easy-to-use solutions. Customers will be happy with rewards they’ll actually use. Returning customers help build your business while earning more rewards, making everyone happier.

The customer adoration program.
Easy to use, affordable, and as familiar as an old-fashioned punchcard, the Perka solution helps you keep your customers happy while bringing new ones in the door, without adding to your workday.

Build stronger customer relationships. Deliver a fun, personal experience the moment customers set foot in the door. The Perka Beacon is a Bluetooth-enabled device that recognizes when a regular enters your store, helping you and your clerks recognize customers, greet them by name, recommend additional items they might enjoy and create an unforgettable connection that will keep them coming back for more.

Design a program as unique as your business. With Perka, you can choose the best rewards and loyalty levels for your goals and your customers’ tastes, including your choice of a points or punch-based system.

Connect with your customers anytime, anywhere. Send special offers directly to their mobile phones via the Perka app, and engage your customers whether they’re in the neighborhood or across town.







What is the Perka solution?

The Perka solution is a customizable, cardless loyalty and marketing solution that lets SMBs reach customers anytime, anywhere with special offers and rewards to increase loyalty and drive repeat visits. It puts sophisticated mobile marketing tools within the reach of small businesses. With the Perka app, SMBs can implement a loyalty marketing program of the same caliber as major brands at a fraction of the cost.

Who is this product intended for?

Virtually any business with a physical location (not for e commerce) can implement a Perka loyalty program. The ideal merchants include QSRs, retail stores and those in the service industry.

How can a merchant acquire the Perka solution?

The Perka app can be downloaded from the Clover App Market on Clover Station.

Does Perka offer different product options?

Yes. Merchants have two options:

  • Full Perka App – Includes everything a merchant needs to run a customized mobile loyalty marketing program. Merchants can customize loyalty rewards (with either a punchcard or a points-based program), send promotions and offers directly to customers, create VIP or other special offers and gain insight into customers with program analytics. They also receive an Activation Kit with a secure bluetooth (BLE) beacon for hands-free customer check-ins and in-store and promotional signage.
  • Free punchcard version of Perka App – Allows merchants to create their own mobile punchcard in just ten minutes. Merchants can upgrade to take advantage of all features in the full version of the Perka solution at any time.
What will the merchant need to begin using the Perka solution?

Merchants only need an internet connection and any one of the following to validate customer purchases: web-enabled tablet, iPod touch, Android/iPhone/smartphone, desktop or laptop computer, or a Clover POS. Merchants simply sign up online to create an account, customize their rewards program, and can then begin using the Perka program in minutes.

Do merchants need to install any special software to gain access to the system?

As a web-based application, the Perka solution can be accessed via any internet-enabled device using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Internet Explorer 10. The Merchant Validator (where the merchant validates purchases and gives customers points/punches when they are in the store) is readily accessible on mobile devices while the dashboard – where the merchant can see their customer list, history, run specials and offers, and admisiter program specifics – is designed for use on a computer. The merchant’s customers download the free Perka app from Google Play or the iTunes® App Store. Even without a smartphone, retail customers may still participate via text messaging.

How can merchants customize their program?

During the setup process, merchants will choose from either a punchcard model (ex: “buy 10 get 1 free”) or a Flexpoints model (customers earn 1 point for each $1 spent to redeem rewards from a customizable list of merchant defined offering: ex: 100 points = $10 off; 400 points = free shirt). There is also a dedicated team of loyalty specialists, available 24/7 via phone or email that can help to answer any questions and provide reward program suggestions.

Can I offer the merchant a free product trial?

No, a free trial is not available at this time. However, merchants can select a free mobile punchcard version of the Perka app from the Clover App Market, which provides an easy way to set up their own mobile punchcard in just 10 minutes.

What types of sales revenues are included / excluded in the Perka solution?

None. Perka is not a POS system. The Perka solution works for all businesses through the Clover POS device.

Why would a merchant want the Perka solution instead of building their own branded app?

Not only are branded apps extremely expensive and time-consuming to build from scratch, but “app-overload” is real and customers don’t want to have a different app for every store they visit. With the Perka network, one loyalty app works across thousands of stores and customers need only have the one Perka account. Additionally, the Perka solution includes 24/7 support and a devoted team of engineers that continually improve the product.




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