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Let our commercial safes — and our nationwide service technicians — give you security and peace of mind.

Cash handling, even with the best practices in place, can be time-consuming and vulnerable to human error — intentional or otherwise. It is one of the most difficult processes that business owners must manage, and how you do so can have a significant effect on your bottom line. Investing in a commercial safe can help you overcome many of your cash handling issues. We also have technicians nationwide to provide warranty support and any other service needs you may have. Learn more and browse the cash management safes that Monify has to offer.

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What is a smart safe?

Smart safes combine the security and storage elements of a traditional cash management safe with the technology and cash management solutions of cash monitoring software. Each smart safe manufacturer designs their own unique features — and if you get in touch, we’re happy to talk with you about them in more depth. 

In essence, a smart safe is a secure device that automatically accepts, validates, records, and stores cash for you. It differs from a traditional safe in that it integrated bill validation and provides you with real-time visibility of your cash deposits. The safe also produces an audit trail or each transaction, down to the PIN number of the operator who made a deposit or withdrawal. If you have any issues your smart safe, we have service technicians nationwide that can help provide you with the support you need!

If you're considering investing in a smart safe for your business, contact Monify to see if any discounts can be applied to your order.

How can a smart safe help your business?

Along with keeping your money secure, a smart safe can eliminate day-to-day tasks like counting cash, balancing and reconciling registers, taking deposits to the bank, and more. If you’re thinking about whether or not to invest in a smart safe, try adding up how much time you or your employees spend per week on these tasks. With a smart safe, you can spend less time worrying about cash management and more time running your business.

A smart safe can also help protect you from employee theft. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that businesses lose five percent of their annual revenue to employee fraud and abuse. It’s not something we like to think about, but 75% of employees have stolen from their employers at least once and small businesses are especially vulnerable. Smart safes protect your cash by requiring employees to use their PIN number when making deposits and the safe will accurately count the deposit. You can also check in and view the contents of the business safe remotely.

If you work in an industry like retail or restaurants, you probably have multiple employees handling cash on a daily basis. And when you add pulling tips from the register in the mix, there will inevitably be errors and imbalances. Smart safes give you the ability to:

  • Manage user access through PINs
  • Accurately count cash when it’s deposited
  • Access to provisional credit
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Access real-time reporting

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Armor Safe Technology

Armor Safes has an impressive line of commercial safes to help you, your managers, and your employees handle cash more efficiently and accurately. They specialize in the development, deployment, and servicing of the industry’s most innovative cash management systems. 

Armor Safes validate, count, and secure cash in cassettes ready for delivery to your bank, establishing an effective closed-loop solution for many of your toughest challenges: loss prevention, employee accountability, and financial transparency. 

Financial Accountability

From the moment a customer pays with cash until it’s deposited into the business safe, the cashier is responsible for its accuracy and safe deposit. When deposited, Armor safes are equipped with casino-quality bill acceptors to verify and store by denomination. Protect yourself and your employees from accepting counterfeit bills with a cash management safe from Armor Safes.

Workplace Safety

Each Armor safe is built to protect your cash from external and internal theft. We’re talking premium grade 80 steel that cannot be easily pried open and drilled through; high-security locks that eliminate the risk of leaving the door unlocked; high-security keys that are nearly impossible to duplicate. These and other security measures are in place to protect your cash and employees from would-be criminals.

Operational Efficiency

As each user has their own login, you have more than 30 reports to use to track your transactions. More than just a cash counter, Armor safes will simplify cashier checkouts and save your managers hours of unnecessary recounting and preparing bank deposits.

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