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Armor Safe 3475 – Cash Management Safe


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120 tube vending with drop drawer

The CacheSYSTEM® 3400 series is your next purchase if you need to safely and easily collect and secure cash and dispense change.


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All Armor Safes are made with premium grade 80 steel, which is 60% stronger than the cheaper, mild steel typically found. Plus, you’ll find that same steel in the self-locking vault door with three 1-inch chrome-plated locking bolt protected by a drill-resistant hard plate. Everything about its design tells potential thieves that stealing from you won’t be easy.

The 3400 series ensures greater cash security and employee safety. Each transaction is tracked through every user’s PIN. And, it’s equipped with a time delay between when the door is locked and a PIN can be entered again—an easy way to scare off potential (and usually nervous) would-be criminals.


  • Storage, storage, storage: 120-tube vending magazine in five cubic feet of storage space.
  • Easy to load and count: Front door access for a visual count of change levels


  • Easy to maintain: All replaceable parts can be accessed from the front part of the safe.

*For a complete cash management solution, see the CacheSYSTEM 7000 series.


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