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Armor Safe 5000 – Cash Management Safe

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The CacheNET™ 5000 series is built for cash intensive businesses. It’s robust and heavy duty; the perfect addition to your back office.


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The Armor Safe 500 Cash Management Safe is made with premium grade 80 steel, which exceeds the standards for b-rate safes. That same steel is used to make the self-locking vault door with three 1-inch, chrome-plated locking bolts protected by a drill-resistant hard plate. Even without all of the other smart safe features, would-be criminals will be deterred simply by this cash safe’s tough exterior.

The safe is equipped with CacheNET technology, which ensures greater cash security and employee accountability. Each transaction is tracked through every user’s individual PIN. You can assign different privileges to each user so that managers can have more access to the cash management safe. 

Need a bulk coin acceptor too? No problem. CacheNET 5000 stores coins in removable canisters and in seven denominations for easy recycling or to pour them into bags for deposits.


  • Audit trails: Each user has a PIN, and you have over 30 types of receipts and reports to choose from to help manage it all.
  • Maximum cassette capacity: This smart safe can hold up to 5000 notes.
  • Coin Acceptor: Easily accept and sort your change. This smart safe can handle over 15,000 coins in various denominations.


  • Customizable: Armor Safe Technologies builds and lays out each board in CacheSYSTEM safes, offering you the flexibility to configure the safe to your unique needs.
  • On-screen tutorials: Video tutorials have been included to guide users through each function.


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