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Armor Safe 7101 – Cash Management Safe


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1 Single Note Bill Acceptor, 120 tubes vending capacity and 1200 note cassette

Armor Safe’s 7000 series of safes combine the 2400 and 3400 series to give the total package and cash validating and dispensing.


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All Armor Safes are made with premium grade 80 steel, which means this smart safe is highly resistant to burglary. Plus, you’ll find that same steel in the self-locking vault door with three 1-inch, chrome-plated locking bolt protected by a drill-resistant hard plate. Because grade 80 steel is significantly stronger, you can have a thinner, lighter safe with the safe high strength and superior cash protection. 

The Armor Safe 7000 series ensures greater cash security and employee accountability. Each transaction is tracked through every user’s PIN, and you can assign 10 different privileges to those users. Managers should naturally have more access to the safe, which is why you have the ability to dole out those responsibilities where they need to be.

You can also dispense change from an easy-to-load and easy-to-audit vending magazine. Choose between the 7300, 7100, and 7900W, depending on how much change and how many bill validators you need.

What more could you ask for from your safe? It will do all the tedious work of an accountant and bouncer to provide seamless accounting between your POS and bank. If you have any questions or would like to discuss what smart safe is right for you, contact Monify today.


  • Audit trails: Each user has a PIN, and you have over 30 types of receipts and reports to choose from so that you can manage it all. 
  • Bill validation: Single or bulk note bill validators with the highest level of first-time bill acceptance and counterfeit detection.
  • Customizable: Armor Safe Technologies builds and lays out each board in CacheSYSTEM safes, offering you the flexibility to configure the safe to your unique needs.
  • Storage, storage, storage: Up to 120-tube vending magazine and a 2200-note cassette, depending on the model.
  • Easy to load and count: Front-door access for a visual count of change levels.
  • Liquid-resistant keypad: Spills happen. Don’t let them compromise your cash security.


  • Easy maintenance and updates: Software updates to this smart safe are completed in minutes. Drawers are designed for easy removal and replacement.
  • No hard drives: Armor safes use flash storage, making it more reliable and longer-lasting than a traditional hard drive.


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