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Ring up customers faster and more accurately with Clover’s Barcode Reader. More accurate orders result in better inventory management.  Scan bar codes from paper labels, electronic barcodes from screens, and high-density barcodes for supplies and orders. Update all your records—from suppliers, vendors, and customers—quickly and accurately.


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You can quickly scan products with the Clover barcode scanners. And it’s really easy to install, just plug into Clover Station or Clover Mini and you’re set.

Get all the details you need from the paper label, including the order number, item description, price, weight and even mailing address quickly, all with 1D and 2D reading capability.


  • Lightweight: Clover’s Barcode Reader is light and user-friendly. Its unique ergonomic design allows for long use and continuous comfort.
  • Sharp reader sensor: The scanning reader is sensitive and captures all the barcode details accurately, even when flicked through the screen or over paper labels.
  • Efficient Order Processing: The quick reader makes order processing a breeze.
  • Easy installation: The barcode scanner is simple to set up and install. Just plug and play.


  • Portable: The Clover barcode reader is light and portable. It can be used as a hands-free device or with its accompanying stand or handheld to make for easy and convenient scanning.
  • Versatile: The barcode reader can decipher 1D and 2D barcodes from different sources, including paper labels and electronic screen scans.
  • Reliable: Clover Barcode Reader is always connected through Bluetooth.
  • Fast: Barcode information is relayed quickly to Clover for updates and analysis. Perfect for fast-moving checkouts.
  • Secure: Backed by the secure infrastructure of Clover, the Clover Barcode Reader enables tamper-proof operations, eliminating the vulnerabilities associated with online transactions.

The highly dependable Clover Barcode Reader ensures that your business runs well using fewer resources and less time.


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