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Clover Go


You don’t just wait for customers to find you — you go to them. 

  • The Clover Go is a compact piece of point-of-sale equipment, weighing just 2.3oz. 
  • With this credit card processing system, customers are able to swipe, dip, or tap their cards and other payment devices.
  • Clover Go can track your workers’ tips and assign multiple tax rates for different products.
  • This payment system has an enhanced encryption platform, so you can feel secure from unauthorized access.

With Clover Go you can ensure you have a payment platform that goes with you, so you’re able to accept payment whenever, however, and wherever your business takes you. Partner with Monify today for all your point-of-sale needs.


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Clover Go is a versatile piece of point-of-sale equipment that moves with you. Customers can swipe, dip an EMV chip, or tap to make a payment. Clover Go is compatible with Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay™, and Android Pay. All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

Its wireless connectivity facilitates secure and fast transaction even in remote areas. You can expect many of the same capabilities and encryption technology as with Clover’s larger devices.

Clover Go comes in two varieties: the all-in-one or the standard Clover Go. The Clover Go “All-In-One” payment system processes contactless payments, swipes, and EMVs. Clover Go will process swipe and EMV. Whatever your business needs, both are handy, fast, convenient, and a beautiful addition to your day-to-day processes.


  • Portable: The device is small and compact, and weighing just 2.3oz, allowing for easy movement and
  • Seamless compatibility: Clover Go is compatible with other Clover devices and software, as well as many apps in the Clover App Store.
  • Wide payment options: Swipe, dip, or tap and do it securely and safely.


  • Taxes and Tips: Accept tips for your employees and assign multiple tax rates for your products. Clover Go will track it all for you.
  • Secure: Advanced security features and enhanced encryption platform protects against unauthorized access and hacks.
  • Reliable operation: Clover Go provides years of hassle-free service, backed by real-time technical support.
  • Simple installation: Connecting and installing the software is quick and easy. Simply update, plug and pay.
  • Technical support: Backed by Clover Technical support 24/7/365

So wherever your dynamic business takes you, take Clover Go with you.


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