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A fast, two-color printer that prints normal and large font sizes. When you use it with Clover, you can even print orders in different languages*.

Save time and reduce the workload associated with issuing orders for meal preparations. Get the Clover kitchen printer!

This is a small and compact device that simplifies processing orders in your kitchen. By linking it to your Clover, this order printer relays the order from the front of house directly to the back of house in real time. Keep your orders running and your aisle free for customers and concentrate on serving orders not relaying them.


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When you receive a verbal or telephone order, enter it into Clover and print straight to the kitchen printer. You’ll get reliable order issuance. Print with large fonts for more clarity. And, the printer can be set to different local languages to better describing your local menus.

As with all of Clover’s accessories, the Clover Kitchen Printer is easy to set and install, needing just a plug and you are set.

If you need to use the Asian characters, purchase the STAR SP742 printer. This option is specifically set to print the Chinese and Indian characters, facilitating your local language application conveniently, making your order processing of local cuisines a delicacy in itself.

The Clover Kitchen Printer is anchored on the online security portal of Clover Security Plus, eliminating online vulnerabilities to your business.


  • Lightweight: Clover Kitchen Printer is made of light plastic material with an easily accessible paper hold.
  • Two color print: Enhance legibility with a two-color print.
  • Different print sizes: Choose between a normal or large font size. The larger size is easy on the eyes, especially for those who wear glasses.
  • LAN cable: This printer comes with a 50” LAN cable, making the order relay from Clover to the Clover kitchen printer quick and reliable.
  • Language conversion: Configure your printer to accept different languages and even print using the common Asian characters, such as Indian and Chinese.


  • Portable: The Clover kitchen printer is light and portable. Move it around as much as you want.
  • Versatile: The printer is silent and fast. The printer uses easy-to-find thermal paper. The thermal paper loads and prints from the top for easy maintenance.
  • Reliable: The Clover Kitchen Printer is always connected through an internet router, reducing the chance of losing transactions due to weak connectivity.
  • Fast: With integrated sales and orders, the kitchen printer is fast and convenient for a busy restaurant.

Get your orders converted to sales quickly and accurately, by securing the Clover kitchen printer.

*For Asian characters, order the STAR SP742 Asian Character Kitchen Printer.


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