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Clover Mini Point-of-Sale system is the ideal small POS solution with a big brain. 

  • Its scalable functions allow for the gradual enhancement of complex features with every step of your small business growth.
  • Eliminate complicated business systems with this powerful point-of-sale equipment.
  • This lightweight payment system supports PIN-enabled credit cards, swipe cards, mobile wallets, EMV cards, and even checks.
  • Its sleek design and secure software also come with full-time technical support if you run into any difficulties or challenges.

The Clover Mini converts difficult tasks into easy chores. Plus, it’s lightweight, easy-to-handle size means you do not have to worry about space — it utilizes just a portion of your countertop. Not only does its software make every transaction safe and secure, it also features a bright, easy-to-read screen. Order yours from Monify today!



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Eliminate complicated business processes and perform stress-free transactions, by capitalizing on capabilities of Clover Mini Point-of-Sale device. The bright, large font, eye-friendly and wide touch screen eliminates chances of errors. This lightweight device supports all payment types. Accepting payment is made easy for, PIN-enabled credit cards, swipe cards, mobile wallets, EMV cards, and even checks.

Boost your transaction speed and security with Clover Mini POS. EMV transactions typically take around three seconds to complete. The end-to-end encryption makes every transaction secure and stable. Whether you intend to tap, dip, or swipe, speed is of the essence. The integrated software and third party apps facilitate shuttling between accounting, inventory, marketing, and reports without a break. In addition to the versatile software, more add-ons can be integrated into this smart device as your business grows. Also, you can track and manage your Clover Mini from the cloud. Review reports, transactions, manage your price book, and more.

Behind every Clover Mini POS, world class technical support is available all day, every day, and all year.


  • Sleek, lightweight design: The machine is small and lightweight for convenience and portability.
  • Versatile: Clover Mini can print reports and receipts, communicate with customers, manage inventory, and much more.
  • Integration: Clover Mini Point-of-Sale blends well with other Clover devices and software.
  • Large console: Large brightly lit console ensures there is no mistake in transactions. Clover Mini works well even in low- light environment and legible to myopic eyes.


  • Secure payment platform: The end-to-end encryption offer excellent security for all types of transactions.
  • Reliable operation: Clover Mini will offer you years of hassle-free service, backed by real-time technical support as well as after-sales warranty.
  • Easy set up: Set up is direct and just a few simple set and you are good to go.
  • Scalable: During the establishment of a small business, you do not need so many idle features clogging your console. Install and pay for the basic functions needed. As the business grows, add more content to your Clover Mini suitable for your customized needed.
  • Tailor made: Clover Mini POS is specifically designed for small business. Features are set to support your business expansion.
  • Full-time technical support: You don’t have to wait for hours to get the support when you need it. By contacting the clover site, you gain instant access to the technical support round the clock.

Why not try the all-new, all-inclusive Clover Mini Point-of-Sale, you will experience unparalleled business expansion and profitability, all under your finger touch.


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