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First Data FD130 Terminal with Internal PIN Pad and WIFI


This First Data FD-130 Terminal offers full-service processing at an affordable price. – Accepts all major MAG stripe or MSR, PIN Debit, mobile and contactless transactions, EMV Contact and Contactless EMV – Integrated PIN Pad, EMV Chip and Contactless Reader – Optional Swivel Stand for customer-facing use – Optional FD-35 for customer-facing use – Compact, space-saving design – Ergonomic keypad – Lights and audio cues – Full-color touch screen – IP, Integrated Wi-Fi with dial backup Note: This unit comes with a power pack.


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Can the FD130 support multi-merchant processing?

  • Yes. This enables several business owners to process payments for
    more than one merchant account using a single terminal.

Can the FD130 support Apple PayTM and Samsung Pay?

  • Yes. It can accept NFC payments like Apple PayTM, Samsung Pay, and
    other popular mobile wallets or contactless cards.

Can the FD130 accept EBT?

  • Yes. The FD130 accepts electronic benefits transfer (EBT)

Can I accept PIN debit on the FD130?

  • Yes, but you’ll need the FD35 PIN pad to enter the secure PIN

Do I need the FD35 PIN pad to operate the FD130?

  • No. You can use the FD130 terminal independently and run credit
    and debit transactions without a PIN.


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